Powerful. Easy. Versatile.

TimeMoto's comprehensive time, attendance and scheduling solution puts you in total control of your company's time management - bringing transparency to your whole team and efficiency to your business. It's not only easy to use, but also simple to set up - so start making time work for you today.

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TimeMoto is modular and cloud-based.

TimeMoto offers a complete solution which includes software, phone apps and time clock terminals.

The TimeMoto software features time & attendance management plus scheduling and reporting functions. Employees can punch in and out at a time clock terminal, on a computer desktop or via the phone app.

Add optional TimeMoto time clock terminals as needed - making it convenient for your employees to punch in and out while adding security and control to your timekeeping.

TimeMoto offers a flexible and scalable solution - choose the combination of software, time clock terminals and phone apps that best fits your needs.

Capture every minute

Get instant insights into how everyone in your team is performing:

  • Complete overview of who is doing what and where
  • Employees can punch in/out from any device - on-site or
  • Reports can be exported to Excel and PDF
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Schedule smarter

Convenient and intuitive scheduling options:

  • Easily create and manage schedules
  • Manage routine schedules or special projects
  • Absence request management
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In-depth reporting at your fingertips

Clear reports highlight trends and potential for improvements:

  • Comply with local labour laws
  • Clear reporting on timesheets, payroll and projects
  • Keep total control of labour costs
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TimeMoto - secure, encrypted and safe.

The TimeMoto system has been designed and built with complete security in mind. From the access control for the software, apps and terminals to the full encryption of all data, TimeMoto has got you covered!

Efficiency up. Costs down. Quick ROI.

TimeMoto helps you reduce costs, save time and manage your team better than ever. Simplify workflows and enjoy a clear overview of where improvements can be made. Low cost of ownership also means a quick ROI.

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We support over 50.000 small and medium-sized enterprises in over 42 countries